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-- AGDG  DemoDay 25 submission --

You are CAP'N of the ship that's on a mission to destroy as much of the schnozling kingdom as possible. Destruction  awards money, money awards weaponry. Such is the cycle of life. From simple turrets to  juicebox-powered laser cannons, Doc Foster supplies your need for carnage. 

Chickens lay eggs containing missiles

Watch as the tower of guns plows its way through armies of insane spearwielding schnozlings or take control of a turret and join in on the fun! The only thing standing in your way are the pathetic barricades these schnozlings put up for defence. Oh, that, and the Great Snail which ever-slowly creeps up on you should you be slowed down too much.  He touches the ship, it's pretty much over!

Only a mouse is needed, good luck fella!

Install instructions

This prototype has been made within two weeks, expect lots of placeholders (hence the title) and possible bugs. 


PlaceholderOfWar.exe 7 MB

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